Distro testing marathon - Fedora 15 - day 3/3

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Distro testing marathon - Fedora 15 - day 3/3

As previously mentioned this is my last day with Fedora 15 installed on my laptop. Today I'll try to summarize all the things I've experienced for the last two days.

Nvidia, G3, suspend/hibernate

As I've said yesterday, I had problems with a game which depended on 32-bit libs and I've suspected that the Nvidia driver missed those libs. I was right! The RPMFusion driver didn't had the 32-bit compatibility libs so I've downloaded the driver from Nvidia's site and during the installation I've chose to install the 32-bit compatibility libs also. After that the game worked as expected, at 50 fps.

One last thing about Gnome3. I've noticed that the available APs in the Network Manager Applet aren't ordered by signal strength. That would've been the logical order. It's not a big deal, but still it should be corrected.

The last things I've tested were the suspend and hibernate functions. All worked flawlessly. Well, not quite for hibernation at the first try when it went stuck after reboot, but on a second try it went well. I missed a progress bar of some sort to give me a feedback, or a feel about the progress of the process.

Final conclusions

After these last three days I can say that overall Fedora 15 is a well-suited distro for me, or at least it can easily be made one.

Gnome 3 was a bold decision and maybe a hasty one for this new release. It's still crude and some features are missing or they need more work. Still, Gnome 3 can be a good working environment or, why not, you can always switch to KDE or other DEs. Gnome 3 could be a good thing for the new users but it also can be a “deal-breaker” for the experienced ones, especially for the old Gnome 2.x users.

From the performance point of view I have nothing negative to say about Fedora 15. I find it reliable, fast and easily configurable.

In conclusion, the Fedora 15 experience was a pleasant one with challenges but in the same time it was a “smooth ride”.

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