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Mai jos mailul original :


Many times, It was asked me to write a full documentation for Kernel in the Wiki resources.

Finally, after a lot of requests, coming from many developers amongst you, and from users,

I've started this task in the OMA Wiki

Currently that is only a very early alpha draft...,
where I started collecting the ideas with all the needed text for the descriptions and specs

at the end, all this there shoud become a very complete anc clear Kernel docs, with:

- general instructions for kernel

- specific explaination for each flavours and where/when to use them (instead of desktop)

- and a very useful FAQ

now I'm trying to obtain the best way to visualize main configs/specs with Tables #1, #2, #3,
at the end, there will remain only one of those,
the goal is having a Table that describes the main flavours with the main configs and specs

When, the Contents will be clean, fixed and almost complete, like was in a Beta status,
It will immediately adapted, with very few changes, and copied also in the ROSA Wiki!

I'm ready to accept any suggestions and help about...
for example I need help with translations, if the docs should be avaialable for different eng & ita