You can easily find this on Google Maps and then navigate to it. It is a really cool area!! This is an account of a trip from the Wire Pass trailhead, down Buckskin Gulch to the confluence with the Paria River and back, on 9th June 1998. This trip should take 3-5 days one way. Buckskin Gulch drains a very large area within Utah and it can be clear in Kanab while pouring in the Buckskin Gulch drainage elsewhere. Buckskin Trailhead The Buckskin Trailhead is about 4.5 miles (7.2 km) south along House Rock Valley Road. Once you are in the canyon there is only two ways to go, farther in, or out. Wire Pass Trail starts by winding through pristine scrublands, laced with fragrant Juniper and tucked between wacky red rock formations and tall, distant peaks. The most popular route through Buckskin Gulch starts … You can enter the Paria Canyon / Buckskin Gulch permit area using one of four trailheads: Wire Pass, White House, Buckskin Gulch, and Lees Ferry trailheads. Three trailheads give access to the gulch; Middle, Wire Pass … The road is dirt and gravel, and in wet weather it can become impassable. Latitude/Longitude: 37.0666694, -67.9995333 Buckskin is located right on the border of Utah and Arizona. Take an envelope from the self-pay station. Buckskin Gulch is listed by Backpacker magazine as one of the ten most dangerous hikes in America. Part of being prepared means knowing weather conditions and Visitor Use Regulations (Further Down). Start your hike into Buckskin Gulch by getting to the Wire Pass trailhead on House Rock Valley Road. If you turn south at the Paria confluence instead of north you can walk all the way down the Paria River to Lees Ferry. However, this has never been a day hike I consider exceptional unless water is flowing in the Paria River. Buckskin Gulch is the longest, deepest slot canyon in the Southwest (and probably the world) – a 23-mil gash carved through the desert. You’ll notice the farther southeast you travel, the more the canyon will open up, becoming wider, hotter, and more exposed. Fill out both sides. Wire Pass trailhead through the entire Buckskin Gulch and ending at Lee’s Ferry . For any hike from Wire Pass Trailhead through the Buckskin Gulch to White House Trailhead, you would leave your car at White House Trailhead and we would pick you up there at a pre-arranged time and drop you at Wire Pass Trailhead. There is a limit on overnight use in the canyon to 20 people per day.Paria Canyon day-use permits are available via self-serve envelopes at each trailhead. The endpoint for the Buckskin Gulch trail is typically the White House Trailhead & Campground. Buckskin Gulch - Trail Description Slot Canyons > Paria River > Buckskin Gulch > Trail Description. If you plan to stay overnight in Buckskin Gulch (Paria Canyon), you must reserve a permit in advance. Price = $100. This dirt road is passable to most vehicles during dry weather. White House Trailhead to Wire Pass Trailhead Shuttle. The US‑89 turnoff for House Rock Valley Road is about 38 miles (61 km) east of Kanab and about 36 miles (58 km) west–northwest of Page. It is located at the mouth of Paria Canyon, 7.5-miles upstream (dry for much of the year as well) from the confluence. For some, it had pushed their physical limits. The White House Trail along the Pariah River is not usually a hiking trail. Use a shuttle or two cars. Sometimes it's something in between. Make sure you plan several days to explore. The day passes required for hiking Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch can be purchased right at the trailhead, off rutted, dirt, Horse Rock Valley Road. Buckskin Gulch. Buckskin Gulch Middle Route: This hike is for the more adventure seeking guest. The turnoff to House Rock Valley Road is located roughly halfway between Kanab and Page along Hwy 89. This trail offers the fastest (and prettiest, in my opinion) access to the slot canyon areas of Buckskin Gulch. From the BLM office Kanab, take Hwy 89 … High sandstone walls and a narrow, twisting corridor create a wonderland environment with stupendous plays of sunlight throughout. I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors in some incredible places and I can honestly say that this was my favorite day hike … The floor is 8-20 feet wide, the walls are 30 to 100 feet tall. Access the day hike from Wire Pass Trail, a short tributary to Buckskin Gulch and the most scenic and direct way into the classic narrows — it’s an ideal alternative to the multiday backpacking trip. What Buckskin Gulch is like: If you’re coming in from the Paria Canyon side, from either Wire Pass or the Buckskin Gulch’s trailhead, expect a desert-like hike for the first mile or so before you actually enter into the slot canyon proper. There are no campsites available within Buckskin Gulch until you are close to the … Starting about 7 miles down from the beginning of the trail head, this tour involves some down climbing into the gulch about 100 feet and offers views of White Pockets, North Coyote Buttes, South Coyote Buttes and large parts of the Buckskin itself. Yes, it was a long slog in a single day, but Buckskin Gulch was so “mind-blowingly” magical, it was worth it. ($6 per person over the age of 12 and $6 per dog) Access to both Buckskin Gulch trailheads is by House Rock Valley Road (BLM-1065) which connects US-89 and US-89a. Vehicle Shuttle Setup for Wire Pass to Whitehouse Trailhead - Buckskin Gulch via Wire Pass to the Whitehouse Trailhead - From Kanab drive 44 miles east on Highway 89. Buckskin Gulch, the primary tributary to Paria Canyon, is recommended for only very experienced and well-prepared hikers. The signed turnoff to Buckskin Gulch Trailhead (located 0.2 mile east of the road), which you avoid, is located a short distance south of the wash. You reach the spacious Wire Pass Trailhead, located on the … The Hike from White House Trailhead down to the confluence of Buckskin Gulch-Paria Canyon and back is a popular day hike. Sometimes it's a river, sometimes it's a dry wash. The White House Campground is one of the four possible trailheads when hiking Buckskin Gulch. It is part of the Paria Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness. Many hikers combine the Buckskin Gulch hike with a hike through the lower part of Paria Canyon to the Colorado River. Wire Pass Trail is located in the Kanab area of Southern Utah. Main entrance is 16.6 miles to the Paria River confluence and 44.8 miles to Lees Ferry. Although there are several ways to get to Buckskin Gulch, the route that offers the easiest and shortest access to the start of the slot canyon is via the Wire Pass Trailhead. You will plunge right into the Buckskin squeeze, where the canyon is rarely more than 10 feet wide and the corridor can be … The trailhead starts at a parking lot about seven miles down a dirt road off Route 87 (that also services the Wave which requires a permit) and follows a pretty obvious sandy trail. When you get to the canyon you'll know, as there is a dramatic … You need a permit for the gulch, which you get at the trailhead, it is $6/person. Buckskin Gulch is a tributary of the Paria River that drains an area around the Vermilion Cliffs in far south Utah and joins the Paria exactly at the Utah/Arizona border, 20 miles from Lees Ferry next to the Colorado River. Starting at the Wire Pass Trailhead gives you a shorter, more scenic start to Buckskin Gulch. Going upstream toward Buckskin Gulch Trailhead, the constricted corridor runs half a mile. Insert the correct fees. The Buckskin Gulch Trailhead tour departs from Kanab, UT or Page, AZ at approximately 8:00am and returns at approximately 3:00pm. It’s perfect for those interested in varied geology with only some time in the slot canyon area. Kanab Field Office 669 S Highway 89A Kanab, UT 84741. Buckskin Gulch (named on some maps as Kaibab Gulch, or The Dive) is a tributary of the Paria River that drains an area around the Vermilion Cliffs in far south Utah and joins the Paria exactly at the Utah/Arizona border, 20 miles from Lees Ferry next to the Colorado River. Wire Pass Trailhead: This is the shortest and fastest way into the Buckskin Gulch. You pass the Buckskin Trailhead on the way to the Wire Pass Trailhead. However, it's the easiest (only?) The trailhead can also be reached from Highway 89A, about 18 miles west of Cliff Dweller’s Lodge. This classic hike begins at the Wire Pass trailhead following Buckskin Gulch to its junction with the Paria River, then heading up-river to the White House Trailhead. Along the way you will hike through the longest, and one of the most scenic, slot canyons in the world (Buckskin Gulch). Info on Buckskin Gulch. The hike is about 3-4 hours long on flat ground with no shade. Even so, every one of us wanted to do this hike again. This trailhead requires the least amount of hiking before you enter a narrow slot canyon.