Choral -- singing seems to Characteristics of Greek Drama; Role of Greek Women Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Characteristics of Greek literature. The most famous playwrights of the genre were Aristophanes and Menander and their works and those of their contemporaries poked fun at politicians, philosophers, and fellow artists. At first, theatres were utilized for celebrations. Greek tragedies were plays that were based on myths. The modern word “drama” comes from the Greek word “dran” which carries the meaning “to do”. PLAY. It originates in Greece 300 years before Christ. ; It is made up of four stages: archaic, classical, Hellenistic and Greco-Roman. Every Greek city had a theatre that has impacted various religious festivals. Competitive -- prizes awarded Actors and playwrights competed --Oedipus apparently didn't win 3. The theater in ancient Greek was restored. The three genres of drama were comedy, satyr plays, and most important of all, tragedy. The city-state of Athens, which became a significant cultural, political, and military power during this period, was its centre, where the theatre was institutionalised as part of a festival called the Dionysia, which honoured the god Dionysus. The Ancient Greeks took their entertainment very seriously and used drama as a way of investigating the world they lived in, and what it meant to be human. Composed of similarly costumed men, they performed on the dancing floor (), located beneath or in front of the stage.They enter during the first choral song from two entrance ramps (parodoi) on either side of the orchestra, and remain for the entire performance, observing and commenting on the action. What are the characteristics of greek drama? god and man. The most famous playwrights of the genre were Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides and many of their works were still performed centuries after their initial premiere. Comedy: The first comedies were mainly satirical and mocked men in power for their vanity and foolishness. Four Qualities of Greek Drama: 1. STUDY. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Facts about Ancient Greek Drama 10: a competition. There was a competition between the three tragic playwrights in the festival of Dionysus. Ancient Greek comedy was a popular and influential form of theatre performed across ancient Greece from the 6th century BCE. Ancient Greek drama was a theatrical culture that flourished in ancient Greece from 600 BC. Among the most outstanding characteristics of Greek literature we can mention the following:. It was held in the spring and winter. 2381 Words 10 Pages. The earliest origins of dramas are the hymns, called dithyrambs. The chorus was the central feature of Greek drama. These plays were supposed to be performed to honor Dionysus, who is the Greek god of wine. Golden Age of Greek drama began in 480 BC after the Great Destruction of Athens. Interactions between gods and men - teaches lesson of how to act toward gods. Performed for special occasions (festivals) Athens had four festivals worshipping Dionysus -- (Bacchus in Latin, Roman) god of wine, fertility, rebirth 2. It then explores the three different sorts of Greek theatre: satyr plays, comedy and tragedy, citing specific examples. Must be of Noble birth or hold an important social position, generally virtuous, has desire to do good, dies in the end of the play. Greek tragedy was a popular and influential form of drama performed in theatres across ancient Greece from the late 6th century BCE. ; The poetic genre can be divided into two:; Epic poetry (used to narrate epics and tales of wars or heroic adventures) Greek Chorus . tragic hero. Five characteristics of Greek tragedy. Characteristics Of Greek Drama.