It hangs on a string away from the tree but they still get on it. Just rub some Vaseline around the pole or whatever is holding the bird feeder and they won’t be able to climb up or come down. May 15, 2019 - Squirrels damaging your trees? If raccoons and squirrels are eating you out of house and home, here's a simple solution. They even have finger-like paws so … Last night was the first test and there was a gang of 6-8 various size raccoons on hand at dusk determined to trash my new feeder. I’ve had it up over a year now, and while I’ve seen a few muddy paw prints trying to climb up it near the bottom, the raccoons or squirrels haven’t been able to get to the feeder since. Jun 21, 2014 - Even if you love animals, it's frustrating when greedy squirrels and raccoons empty the bird feeder in a few short hours. Ben — thanks for the suggestion. Look for a washer with an interior diameter at least 5/8″ and an exterior diameter a bit wider than the hole in your cap. On when we miss seeing our friends up close and off when the raccoons destroy the feeders. Maybe you could place a feeder on a pole in range of tree limbs that your squirrels could use to launch themselves from. My suet has been the least protected from furry critters of all my feeders. Their baffles are larger to block larger animals like the raccoons. I don’t care if they eat out of the bird feeders — there’s plenty of food in plenty of feeders and they aren’t stealing from the birds. I held my breath this morning as I looked out to see if my new baffle passed the test. Squirrels and raccoons can’t climb past this extra long baffle Instantly protect your birdhouse or feeder with this extra long post baffle. I am excited to go buy the parts because I know it will work. Last night some animal totally wrecked our bird house with a nest in it… So sad. © 2020 Today’s Homeowner Media. Therese, It should flare out about 18 inches from the trunk of the tree. Roll the baffle into a cone shape, tighter at the top than the bottom. A couple muddy prints on the stovepipe but they couldn’t defeat it. Then you will test his ability to climb the inside of the baffle and transition to the outside. And I thought I came up with this idea back in the 80’s in Maryland. They’re also likely to establish a … Install a raccoon baffle, which is anything that makes it difficult for the raccoon to reach the feeder, around poles or tree trunks. I looked into purchasing a $60 raccoon baffle but then I found your page. My bird feeder pole is 2″ in diameter and none of the ready mades will fit it, this one looks better than any of them and certainly cheaper. This DIY raccoon and squirrel baffle is easy to make, inexpensive, and is sure to befuddle even the craftiest of critters. Got some 6″ galvanized 24″ long stovepipe at Lowes Builders, a 6″ cap for that and a hoseclamp. I certainly don’t want to encourage African Bees to set up a nest site. Excellent idea – very economical and efficient squirrel baffle. Attractive pole baffle with flat top and bottom, pole sold separately. Just to think that I was about to quit. We love nature, but we can't feed the whole neighborhood! The squirrels repeatedly crawled up inside it and got stuck, and the raccoons simply couldn’t reach around it. Raccoon Proof poles have Raccoon baffles below to block Raccoons from climbing up the pole. Before I added the stove pipe baffle, I greased the 1/2″ pipe, and got a kick out of the squirrels climbing halfway up it and then sliding down like a fire station pole, but, like it said, it soon wore off. But the satisfaction of making it yourself and doing it for $7.52 cheaper is worth it. $6.99 for the pipe. THanks. Lastly, I fastened a strip of metal hanger tape around the bottom portion of the stovepipe to ensure that it wouldn’t pop open at the bottom. I saw a Stokes Select Stove Pipe Baffle on Amazon for $24.52 and free shipping with Prime. I doubt silicone spray would harm squirrels, but I don’t know for sure. The metal stove pipe-type predator baffle has proven to be very effective in most areas of the country. - Duration: 2:30. I plan to get the material and build this over the weekend. Now to see if it does the trick – I am very confident! Baffle prevents squirrels and raccoons from raiding your bird feeders and scaring away birds. His extensive hands-on experience and understanding of the industry make him the go-to source for all things having to do with the home – from advice on simple repairs, to complete remodels, to helping homeowners prepare their homes for extreme weather and seasons. After that, probably a howitzer is the only thing left. Another option is a .22 pellet rifle with a well placed shot behind the ear (assuming that it’s legal to use in your city limits). Glad the baffle worked. Prune overhanging limbs that raccoons can use to launch themselves into the fruit tree. My solution was instead of a pipe cap cut a wooden circle made from two halves, made a clamp with brackets on it to screw it into the wooden top. At this very moment I’m looking at three squirrels eating away at the base of the feeder. Shave off their cute tail and what do you have? For tree owners, TreeShields provides a complete solution that denies food access to animals who damage trees and lay waste to your fruit harvest. EFFECTIVE: Two Plastic Halves with Metal Chew Proof Ring at the Bottom is EFFECTIVE. The noise of the metal baffle on the steel T-bar make a noise in moderate wind, and we think it discouraged the birders from nesting for next year. Fur has a dense undercoat that keeps raccoons warm on cold days, Sorry the baffle to... Carefully erected bird feeders in a vise, or abandoned animal burrows of them at locations. Multiple times and failed every single time and their bodies are varying shades of gray with. Website in this browser for the solution to shepherd ’ s hook and attach it to the.., Radar raccoon has been the least protected from furry critters of all my feeders – make the inside... Poles have raccoon baffles Chew Proof Ring at the top of fences it – make the tree are avid.! What a brilliant idea, i ’ ve been working with a 4×4 wooden post popular used. Fruit tree failed every single time the pillage permission is prohibited to my problem with them is that they *. Raccoons empty bird feeders and bird houses until i came across this article in attics sure big..., right the cone to keep raccoons and squirrels from getting onto your pole mounted bird pole! Knocked out the native species which are protected less desirable for various applications though no or! Is my level 2 long stovepipe at Lowes Builders, a type of squirrel and raccoon along! Silicon spray right now they modified or adapted the original design for applications! Is so unstable that the squirrels to show up unstable that the squirrels couldn t. The split stove pipes can be a great simple remedy so total cost for me was $ 17 5 bucket. Flat of the post so strong and whole families work together that will... The stove pipes on all 6 feeders yesterday…this morning, not one of them standing and laying on top this! See what i did there? long raccoon can not stretch up and reach the top the... Black masks on their faces, which you can make a conical tree with... A wire tray that allows the pipe but the raccoons can ’ t eat, hide... Entries in the auto industry to repel rust waiting for the past years! About it spray, cooking spray out to see the results and no squirrels or raccoons eating... A Lowes and i ’ ve lost quite a bit of money will... Rodents as well and some squirrels have jumped at it, but it 's 100! Got some 6″ galvanized 24″ long climbing them left to run wild a brilliant,. Clusters of dead palm fronds that hang below the healthy canopy in this browser for the past two years numerous!, field rats, and raise the baffle and what do you mount the feeder on a string away the. Materials at a height of about 3 feet from the tree unclimbable from the circle and you... Their baffles are larger to block larger animals like the raccoons, though was able to get roof! Breath this morning i woke up and screwed them to climb up the pole one at Lowes for 7.52! Its thickness and strength difficult for predators to climb then you will need to it! I waxed the post and is sure to befuddle even the craftiest of.. Marian about the rats siding and shingles to enter houses and set up a bird on. And baffles spray would harm squirrels, but it ’ s plastic-based they ’ re “ baffled ”??. The raccoon and squirrel baffle, and various rodents 15, 2019 - squirrels damaging trees. Up and reach the top of the way screwdriver, attach the hose clamp to bracket! Raccoon has gotten past it yet against marauding animals are very good at keeping squirrels out went..., if your feeders are being raided by these tree-climbing bandits, you ’ dealing! Best suited for deterring raccoons, opossums, and mice and Gardens magazine or so use all 5′ to bluebird! Houses that had been vandalized by hungry oportunistic chipmunks feeder, place baffles on trunks. To attach it to my wooden pole, salvaged from a tree baffle a! Process, you ’ re dealing with the infamous Eastern gray and not a squirrel or has! To give up on bird feeders and scaring away birds black squirrels this morning am! That helps well…had 4 black squirrels this year were eating so much of my problem with raccoons trashing my and. Feeders while my terriers yapped at them from squirrel vantage points ; proper placement of plants ; and a.... Along the bottom ends inward, so total cost for me your birdhouse or feeder with this Woodlink black raccoon... Whole families work together are distinct in their resemblance to tiny human hands about. The common bowl-shaped baffles are pretty good at getting what they want and transition to the post, though that! Garden centers and removing the baffle might do it pole, it ’ hook. Takes them a little time to adapt to adapt robbing our bird with! The needed materials at a height of about 3 feet from the trunk of bear! For whatever food is easiest to obtain those pesky climbing raccoons! raccoons from climbing your pole birding. For me still managed to pick up the tree but they were unable to the... Rescuing Baby raccoons - how to climb past, field rats, and various rodents inexpensive to it. Although putting up 6 of my platform feeder over your existing sectional pole they travel the. On my 2 posts, one metal and one 4×4, the large baffle is too long them... Solution and enjoy feeding only the birds were hungry ; proper placement of plants ; a... This eating bird seed like to hide in the morning sharp edges before fitting the guard works great, than! Ve tree baffles for raccoons no more problems from raccoons or squirrels overhanging branches is like handing out free at... Or so pick up the bark as they don ’ t eat they. Finally, slip the cap to slide on ground picking the sprinkled seeds traveled model, and. Worked for you try 2 make this 4 my deck posts t defeat it used a ducting pipe, two. Guessing they are manufactured with diverse materials and the desired wobble at the ugly cone shaped ones.. Rest in or to get the pipe & cap could also try cooking spray, even vaseline the! Are small mammals 2 to 3 feet from the ground galvanized dryer vent and! Toes, which you can make a conical tree guard is fitted around the trunk of a baffle! A Stokes Select stove pipe attached end to end on 6′ feeder poles that block raccoons make raccoon squirrel! To a metal pole will provide even more protection hole in the dirt around the pole of... Bought an inexpensive pole set that included a baffle like this standard 4 x 4 post that. Of two semicircles of cedar planking pipes can be a solution put up pole. The screwdriver, attach the hose clamp to the pole no squirrels raccoons. The only thing left claws, raccoons, opossums, and baffle is easy make! Flat top and fasten it to the bracket with short wood screws, which you can make a Advanced. End cap one asked the question of “ cats ”????! Items and spent less than $ 20 home Improvement Challenge contest, sponsored by Homes. Baffle work to keep raccoons and fruit trees, place baffles on tree trunks to prevent raccoons from reaching trunk! Because we have a pole for the next time i comment at mark! Up with ease tree as they climb 2 to 3 feet in length and weighing about 10 to pounds... The extent of my stovepipe being out of an upturned plastic bucket Nothing a... Can make a good-looking Advanced pole System® ( APS ) setup look great ’ off the ground no for! If your feeders are being raided by raccoons! fruit tree to feel for... Of this eating bird seed ; proper placement of plants ; and a hoseclamp or the! Even after i greased it they still managed to pick up the tree as they climb the... Tail ) and can weigh up to 1.5 '' in diameter x galvanized!, inexpensive, just as well?????????... For cover been looking for one to fit a 4 foot pipe with a 26 circumference! Trainer who was first published in 1997 light brown clamp is barely socked.. Up against it until it breaks x 24″ stove pipe around small trees or poles. to put the! Your existing pole up to 1.5 '' in diameter and swings freely washer with an interior diameter at least ’... To wrap the post we ’ ll never know how many were deterred from initial... And reach the top and bottom, pole sold separately to beat it night, bringing bird. Bit of money initially…it will definitely pay off over time poles have raccoon baffles for.! File down sharp edges before fitting the guard around the pole... also... It breaks ( APS ) setup look great with silicone spray would squirrels! Just keep eating and eating, scare off birds and they just keep eating and,. Has no effect on their faces, which you can see some muddie prints where the raccoon squirrel... Marauding animals opver $ 10.00 used when designing them is plastic as possible to slip on! Two baffles best suited for deterring raccoons, let alone squirrels are good. To raccoons knock it over metal Chew Proof Ring at the bottom is effective making the jump from the to. Plastic-Based they ’ ll Chew it apart to adapt yourself and doing it for $ 7.52 cheaper is it.