Take in the breathtaking landscapes and scenery while hiking Cape Breton and discover why the island is renowned as a "hiker's paradise." Tips for hiking in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Most hikers will start off on the yellow trail and head up the blue trail to spectacular views.  If you want to add to your challenge you can always add the Scout Trail which will loop you back to the bottom. This list are some of our favourites. “ of the ocean. Nicole Boutilier. Skyline Trail This is undoubtedly Cape Breton Highland’ most famous hike. We had people in our group from 85 down to 11 years old and everyone felt safe, comfortable and ended up very happy. Just looking to take a quick stroll? Ratings for many Cape Breton locations on this site are provided by TripAdvisor. Located in the, this trail offers that “wow” panoramic view of the. ); and nice little hiking trails that allowed us to catch glimpses of the other unique and quirky accommodations. This unmarked trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is our all-time favourite, where the climb offers amazing views of mountains, coastline and our famous Cabot Trail. The southwestern section passes through the Margaree River valley before passing along Bras d'Or Lake. Their songs told the stories of the people, the land, good times and bad, love's lost and yearned for. Proper hiking shoes are a must. There are so many hiking trails with phenomenal views in Cape Breton that it’s difficult to narrow it down to 5. It serves 2 purposes: Length: 9.2km loop The Skyline Trail is one of the jewels of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park — though there are many jewels, for hikers, this 9.2km loop trail is perhaps the jewel in the crown of Nova Scotia. Best Hiking in Cape Breton Island, NS - The Cabot Trail, Middle Head Trail, MacIntosh Brook Trail, Cabot Shores, Coastal Trail, Live Life In Tents Fishing Cove Trail Length: 16 Km (10 miles) Hiking time: 4 to 5 hours Elevation: 0 to 330 m (0 to 1100 ft) The trail follows the Fishing Cove River as it winds its way down to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, 1100 feet bellow.The area was once a small fishing community, it's now one of two wilderness campsites located in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic. Cape Breton Highlands National Park is defined by Atlantic Ocean views and deep canyons carved by rivers flowing through the forests. We had to take” more, “The easiest trail I have ever been to.  Be prepared though.  You can even see the Magdalen Islands on clear days! All you need is: a pair of good shoes, a strong and light walking stick. Welcome to Hike Cape Breton, a hiking planning and sharing site. Skyline Trail at sunset, Cape Breton Highlands National Park​​ Hike to an Historic Lighthouse Hike the 2 km (1.25 mile) Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail that begins at the lighthouse and runs along the coastline and through forests and wetlands with views of the Fortress of … Nova Scotia Hiking Trails are some of the best that I have ever explored. It’s one of the steepest trails on the island, so you are sure to get your heart rate up on this one. As nature reclaims land once used for farming and logging, a regenerated forest begins to blend in with the old growth. Now is the time to discover the beauty of this place by hiking Cape Breton Island’s best trails. The Top 5 Cape Breton Hiking Trails: Autumn Edition As you might imagine, our 55-acre respite is a short walk, bicycle ride, or drive from several trailheads, many of which meander along the ocean’s edge or deep into the forest en route to secretive waterfalls. The Skyline Trail is the best place to meet some of Cape Breton Highland National Park’s permanent residents – moose. June 26, 2018. Due to COVID-19 impacts, a number of the trails were late to open, along with countless restaurants and shops. They are plenty! She loves dancing, making beauty in the world & bringing people together.  Be prepared though. From waterfalls to epic lookoffs, no two hikes are the same. We had head back over Kelly's Mountain ... St. Ann's Lookoff looked a lot different today than Thursday! You may also wish to: Register / Setup Profile Tourist Recommendations | Must See Submit Trail Info With over 7600 km (4750 mi) of coastline and much of it offering superb trails, Nova Scotia is yours to discover! Cape Breton Island, the most magnificent and beautiful island in the world. The Skyline Trail in Cape Breton has all this and more. Broad Cove Mountain is one of the shorter trails (2.3kms return) in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, but offers exceptional views of the Atlantic coast, Middle Head and Cape Smokey.