Years ago I took a class on fairy tales and we explored how many different cultures all across the globe have very similar stories and traditions, one of the most common is Cinderella. Last month we read Cinder which is a futuristic cyborg rendition of the Cinderella trope and this book, Bound, is a twentieth century Chinese retelling. Moreover, the members of the Dragon Army had been promised double pay if they should accomplish the wishes of their sovereign, while Su-nan's soldiers knew only too well that they would be put to the sword if they should be defeated. She told him that her vanity had not been flattered by what most girls might have thought an honour, that she would rather have the love of one good man like her father, than share with others the affections of a king. But that night, when her maids were undressing her in the palace, they saw her feet, which had once more become their natural size, and then they knew she had been telling the truth. See more ideas about chinese women, chinese, china. Follow. Considered an attractive quality, the effects of the process were painful and permanent. She is the “auntie-mom” or “second mother.” A stepmother is the wife of a second, separate marriage after the first wife is no longer around. Bound to a life of servitude as a young girl in ancient China, where the life of a woman is valued less than that of livestock. Welcome back. Lead, therefore, your daughter to the palace. asked the ruler, a smile of pleasure lighting up his face. Lillard Dolores. Xing Xing lives in a cave with her stepmother and her stepsister Wei Ping and due to her feet being unbound. Mothers, grandmothers, or older female relatives first bound the girl’s feet. Bound to her father's second wife and daughter after Xing Xing's father has passed away. Chinese foot binding was once used as a measure of beauty in China. In his heart he was more than delighted that the Emperor had accepted his suggestion, for Su-nan, the viceroy, had long been his chief enemy, and he planned in this way to overthrow him. Reading this retelling of the “Chinese Cinderella” story was a painful experience for me. With a sigh, the viceroy yielded to their wishes. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Book on Chinese Foot Binding. "Know then, Great One, that in the southern part of your realm there dwells a viceroy whose bravery has made him famous in battle.". "It will be very easy. The beautiful girl was now in reality the sly Fox Sprite, but in one way only did she look like a fox. Ta-ki, his daughter, went apart from the other members of the family, weeping most bitterly that she had brought such sorrow upon them. Fiction, about teenage Chinese girl who has to undergo foot binding, her mom cuts off her toes I think it's written first person. A great battle was fought. The Great One pardoned Su-nan, although he had fully intended to put him to death as a rebel. You still have the evil stepmother. "She is unworthy of the honour you purpose doing her," he said, in conclusion, "for, having been the apple of her father's eye, she would not be happy to share even your most august favour with the many others you have chosen. The Imperial army was commanded by the oldest nobles in the kingdom, those most skilled in warfare, while the viceroy's men were young and poorly drilled. When the Emperor heard of this defeat he was hot with anger. "No, you shall not do it," said he to Ta-ki, "not though I must die to save you.". Finally, a grey-headed member of the court allowed himself to be blindfolded. Anyway, I enjoyed it as a kid and I plan on rereading it at some point soon! A quirky and original take on the classic Cinderella story, returning to the Chinese origins of this particular tale. In the very beginning of all things, when the gods were creating the world, at last the time came to separate the earth from the heavens. After listening to his daughter, the viceroy sent a respectful answer to the palace, thanking the Emperor for his favour, but saying he could not give up Ta-ki. A wonderful retelling of one of the earliest versions of Cinderella....right down to the feet. Specifically, feet that could fit these weird slippers which were clearly different from the anatomy of a normal foot. At last the people rose in a body against the ruler. Could he have been sure that she would be made Empress it might have been different, but with so many others sharing Chow-sin's favour, her promotion to first place in the Great One's household was by no means certain. Donna Jo Napoli is master at fairy tale re-telling. It's been so many years since I've read anything by Donna Jo Napoli -- I think more than a decade -- so I was pleased to find that she still "held up" after all this time, especially since I stopped reading her because I seem to have OD'd and found her books not "doing it" for me the same way they used to. Home / Uncategorized / You Won’t Believe These Horrifying Facts of Chinese Foot Binding. Why was this practiced? Why not order her father to bring her to the palace that you may wed her and place her in your royal dwelling?". Foot binding is an old Chinese custom of wrapping girls' feet with cloth in order to stop them from growing with age. Not even an adaptation. August 1st 2006 It's part of the same sexist bullshit you can find in any culture. The Emperor, moreover, is even now raising a new army from the distant provinces, and will soon send against us a force ten times as great as any we have yet seen. "And are you sure of this wondrous beauty you describe so prettily?" For many days, try as he would, Chow-sin, the great Son of Heaven, could not forget the face he had seen in the temple. Author: Norman Hinsdale Pitman Feet altered by foot binding were known as lotus feet, and the shoes made for these feet were known as lotus shoes. Chinese foot binding. 103 years after foot binding was banned, a few women still live with the severe deformity it caused. He began at once, causing the Emperor to do many deeds of violence. This is certainly not the most gripping book I've ever read, but it is sweet and sad and perfectly lovely.