KDE 4.0.1

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Iata ca la nici o luna de la lansarea KDE 4.0 a si aparut prima versiune bug fix ce corecteaza din problemele raportate de utilizatori.

Improvements in this release include, but are not limited to:

* Konqueror, KDE's webbrowser has seen numerous stability and performance fixes in its HTML rendering engine KHTML, in its Flash plugin loader and in KJS, the JavaScript engine.
* Stability problems have been addressed in components that are used all over the KDE codebase. Translations in this release are more complete.
* KWin, the KDE window manager has improved detection of compositing support, some effects have been fixed.

Aside from these fundamentals, work has also been done in many applications like Okular, System Settings and KStars. New translations include Danish, Frisian, Kazakh and Czech.



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Mari figuri astia de la KDE. Ei in loc sa se ocupe de unele componete si probleme majore repara KStars! :))