Rosa Desktop Fresh R6

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Desktop Fresh R6 -Anuntul Oficial:

Mesa 10.5.3.
PulseAudio 6.0
Chromium 43.0.2357.134
Firefox 39.0 (classical interface Firefox ESR 24.8.0 also available from the repos)
Thunderbird 38.0.1, with Lightning Calendar add-on coming by default
LibreOffice 4.4.3 with pager extension by default
Audacity 2.1.0
Kdenlive 15.04.3
Kmix updated to the v.15.04.3 (fixes the low system boot time issue with pulseaudio-module-x11 installed)
Qt4 4.8.7, Qt5 5.4.2
tcl/tk 8.6.4 (fixes the program crush issue because of only partial PNG support)
ffmpeg 2.5.6
nvidia-340 proprietary drivers v.340.76, nvidia-346 v.346.47
AMD (fglrx) 15.101 (which corresponds to the AMD Catalyst 15.5)
Hw-probe 0.9.2, more useful options added with increased number of logs gathered
Qt Creator 3.4.1 with qtc-cppcheck by default (needs to be activated in the settings menu)

Si multe altele , printre care Plasma5 e disponibil , doar ca e vanilla, inca nu
au dezvoltat /rescris aplicattile rosa ( time-frame, klook, rocket-bar, etc.) ptr plasma5.

Atentie :
Cei care au rosaR5 instalata , ajunge doar sa actualizeze fara alte
trucuri, in schimb pe cei ,care vor sa actualizeze dela 2012.1 la R6 ( 2014.1) ,
ii sfatuiesc sa procedeze cum am scris aici:

Bafta domnilor.


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Super !!!! Eu am rosaR5 merge de rupe .....abdeturile la zi....:))....Fac treaba foarte buna cei de la Rosa,multumim de stire symbianflo...
si inca ceva "La Multi Ani !!!!"

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daca ai actualizat esti pe R6 deja ia vezi la boot ce zice nen'tu GRUB :D

nici nu poti sa-ti imaginezi prin cite tipuri de HW si PC-uri a trecut HDD-ul meu cu fresh si inca rupe tot.... MRB aint no shit , :p Linux user number 507107 Nu dați banii pe prostii, puneți Linux pe PISI ![ARLUG]

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